Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stevia is Released

Stevia 0.6.0 has been released to Maven Central! fetch the latest artifact directly from the Central Repository. To use Stevia, add this to your pom.xml:
Discover how easy is made to create and execute tests. Run the example script and see how a test can be run in Selenium and WebDriver using Firefox, Chrome, InternetExplorer, Safari and Opera.

Happy hunting!
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stevia is coming ...

Back in 2011 while implementing the page object maintainability technique in our test code the idea of creating a framework for testing web apps using java and selenium was created. Couple of years later and after some back and forth the framework became to realization and the name of it is: STEVIA.

Stevia is a Java-based framework created by the encapsulation of three major technologies
·         TestNG (a well-known unit testing framework)
·         Selenium (a well-known framework for automation of user actions via browsers)
·         Spring (the most commonplace user library in Java).

While the release of Stevia is imminent to Github  and in the open source community, a first release of our technical document is uploaded in the following link: for user reactions gathering. Please have a good read through and/or comment if you think more details are needed.

The document will stay for a week uploaded for everyone who wishes to comment and all constructive reviews are more than welcome. For any technical inquiries and details of the release, feel free to ping as at stevia-release [at]

Stay tuned for the upcoming release early next week.

UPDATE: We have released it! Check here and on GitHub!
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